Investment Opportunities

Invest.jpgOur nation works in collaboration with Indian and Northern Affairs Canada to manage its lands and resources. The Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation Chief and Council are committed to developing the capacity of its community. The Alexis Chief and Council are working with industry to create opportunities for business development on reserve lands. The nation is seeking investors for commercial and residential development. 

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Land Designation Process

The following is a brief description of the designation process Alexis follows when determining whether an opportunity is viable or not.

  • Designates specific parcels of land for specific use or purpose, conducted pursuant to Section 37 to 41 of Indian Act.
  • Land is usually designated because those wishing to use the lands are not First Nation members and/or require an interest in the land, usually for financing purposes. 
  • Interests can only be granted after lands have been designated, and the interest is usually granted in the form of a lease. It is the lease itself that a person puts up as "collateral" for a loan, and not the lands held by the lease.
  • Must be consented to by the First Nation membership by way of a referendum pursuant to the Indian Referendum Regulations
  • Lands DO NOT lose reserve status.
  • First Nation taxation exemption unchanged.
  • Band by-laws continue to apply to lands.
  • Similar to 'zoning'.
  • Once term of designation ends, the lands revert back to common band lands.
  • By way of a BCR, Chief and Council can amend or revoke a designation as long as there are not existing interests (leases, permits, etc) which exist on the land.
  • The terms of agreements (leases, permits, etc) are negotiated by Chief and Council.
  • All revenues generated from agreements (leases, permits, etc) are credited to the funds of the Band.


  • Band Council Resolution
  • Community Informaion Meeting
  • Land description (Registration/ survey plan)
  • Free of inconsistent encumbrances (Land Status Report)
  • Appraisal
  • ESA or Environmental Impact Assessment for a project
  • Designation Vote (Indian Referendum Regulations)

We thank you for your interest in investing with us. If you would like more information, or if you have any questions at all, please contact ________________.

Phone: 780.999.9999 


Chief Tony Alexis

Chief.jpg "This is an area to feature some words directly from Chief Tony Alexis regarding the importance of business development and what it truly means to the community. These words should encourage interest in investing and development opportunities."